The film is now 40% complete. I will continue to post updates about the film on a more regular basis. So far:

 - The building of the sets for the entire film is now complete.
 - The dragon model is now rigged and ready to animate. Several other characters are yet to be complete.
 - There are 10 chapters in the film in total. So far 3 of them are complete, with Chapter 4 and 6 partially complete.
 - The results of the renders on is extremely satisfying.

ToDo Next Week:

  - Finishing Chapter 4 and 5 is now high priority.
  - Start planning for both the teaser trailer and the full trailer. Need it as part of the Multimedia course at Uni.
  - Start planning for Chapter 7 and 9.

The release of the film is set to a tentative date of July 2012 and will be premiered on YouTube.


    Danan Thilakanathan

    Started to make this film as part of an assignment at Uni, but decided to go ahead and complete this film.

    On a side note, I'm not really that good at animating, modelling, film making and so on. It's something I've picked up by self-learning over the years.


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