Theevan is finally ready and will be made public tomorrow (24th June 2012)! The video is now rendered out with all the subtitles. Been a good experience using Blender and Makehuman! Considering it's only my first short film, I feel the overall film looks good. It may not be upto the standards of Sintel, Big Buck Bunny and so on, but I'm happy with it. Hopefully I've convinced many beginning Blender artists out there that it's possible to make nice-looking epic-type films using Blender with an average/mediocre PC.

The movie is 29:11 minutes long including opening and ending credits. It should be a treat to all Blender fans out there
Theevan is finally ready! All the animations have been re-rendered on the renderfarm and the film will release next Sunday. All the editing works are complete and the film has shaped up well. I'll be spending the next couple of days, putting in the final touches to the film before rendering it out to a video clip and also rendering some promo stills. There shouldn't be anymore delays. Will post updates as they occur.. 
The Interactive version of Theevan's website can be found here:
The Gallery and Trailer page do not work as I pretty much copy and pasted the SWF file from my Uni hard drive to the website. I assume the issue is because of problems uploading the XML files. I can't really fix this issue since I'm nearing Graduation and the Uni servers are about to close.
The website was made using Adobe Flash Professional CS5.
Finally, the animation aspects of Theevan is now complete! All I have to do now is wait for the renders to come out! Feels really good to know that I've nearly completed my first film. Learnt so much over the year about filmmaking!

I will now be working on organising and pasting the video clips together in line with the storyboard. The background music and sound effects will also be added. Since this has mostly been a learning process for me, I've noticed a lot of the earlier renders are poor and/or contain plenty of errors. These may be re-rendered if I have enough time.

Music for the film will mostly be from the movie 'Avatar' by 
'Theevan' is progressing at a rapid pace. The entire film will release May 15th this year! It will be available in High Definition on The film's running time is 24 minutes not including the ending credits (I still haven't made the ending credits yet). Also, the background score for the movie is not mine.

Right now, most of the animation aspects are complete. I still have 5-6 shots left to animate. I'll be spending the week and maybe the weekends putting together all the rendered animations in line with the storyboard and adding sound effects and so on. Also, since I'm not a very good voice-over artist and can't afford to hire one, there will be subtitles where the character speaks. There isn't much dialogue in the movie anyway.

I'll keep updating as the film progresses.

Just completed Uni last year, so I've had a lot of time to work on Theevan all summer. The film is nearing completion. 90% of the film is now complete. Next week I'll start work on the final scene of the film. In regards to the release date, I'm confident I can finish by July this year. I think I may be able to release it a month earlier than that however, I won't be certain till next month perhaps.

The website has also been updated. The Characters page and the Movie Stills page have been updated. I'll continue to post as updates occur.

The film is now 40% complete. I will continue to post updates about the film on a more regular basis. So far:

 - The building of the sets for the entire film is now complete.
 - The dragon model is now rigged and ready to animate. Several other characters are yet to be complete.
 - There are 10 chapters in the film in total. So far 3 of them are complete, with Chapter 4 and 6 partially complete.
 - The results of the renders on is extremely satisfying.

ToDo Next Week:

  - Finishing Chapter 4 and 5 is now high priority.
  - Start planning for both the teaser trailer and the full trailer. Need it as part of the Multimedia course at Uni.
  - Start planning for Chapter 7 and 9.

The release of the film is set to a tentative date of July 2012 and will be premiered on YouTube.


    Danan Thilakanathan

    Started to make this film as part of an assignment at Uni, but decided to go ahead and complete this film.

    On a side note, I'm not really that good at animating, modelling, film making and so on. It's something I've picked up by self-learning over the years.


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